Blue Apatite 4mm faceted bracelet with 925 Silver hook and chain

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Blue apatite
You’d love the beautiful vibration of this gorgeous blue apatite bracelet!!
💙Bright blue to light and sometimes dark blue with purple, grey and white veins, Blue Apatite connects to the higher level of spiritual guidance.
💙It’s a stone of communication expression and intuition.
💙Reduces irritability.
💙Blue Apatite has a cleansing influence on the auric field esp. the mental body-the vibratory level associated with psychic perception.
💙It stimulates lucid dreaming and astral travel.
💙It can enhance vertical vision – where one can see multiple level of consciousness operating simultaneously & harmoniously!
💙It’s a stone of inspiration
💙Its vibration attracts the “blue beings” of the supernal region and allows to commune with them.
💙Encourages healthy eating habits, controls cravings & helps to maintain a healthy weight.
💙Improves memory and concentration. Good for students, business consultants, account or investment managers.
💙Apatite often tells us what we know deep inside but haven’t acknowledged.
💙Owning a blue apatite increases synchronicity.
💙Great stone for bones, cartilage.
Chakra – throat, third eye
Bead – 4mm, faceted
Clasp – 92.5 silver
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  1. Bindu (verified owner)

    Beautiful peice

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