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Thank you for frequenting our website. We request you carefully read the following terms and conditions before accepting. Unless otherwise specified, your use of our website will be indicative of your acceptance.

The terms and conditions are subject to change without notice by right of Moksa. Any changes will be mentioned on this page.

We look forward to serving you with the highest quality of holistic healing and ornamental pieces!

Moksa (Proprietor Owned) is registered under Section 13 of Punjabs Shops and Establishments Act, 1958


1.1 Moksa does not recommend any of the products or services to be used in place of mainstream medication. The guidance and products provided are meant to augment all other forms of treatment and therapy.

Holistic healing is meant to provide one with guidance for aligning their physical, spiritual, mental and overall being with one’s desires and manifestations. This form of therapy is intended to primarily bring peace to body, mind and soul and help act as a catalyst to all other types of treatment, for faster and more effective treatment.

1.2 All stones available under the Moksa banner are referred to as “crystals” even if they do not have a molecular crystalline structure. This is to help create a baseline in practitioners who use these crystals for multiple purposes. For any query concerning the structure of a product, please do contact us on the details provided on this page: Contact Us

1.3 When registering to purchase items, you will be supplied with sign in details, please use this for all further transactions, to have access to your previous purchase history. Creating such an account will indicate your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.  If it is decided the account needs to be shut down, by the customer, all details pertaining to this account will be deleted.


2.1 During the setting up of an account, your details will be communicated to you via SMS and/or email, depending on the details you have entered.

2.2 If you wish to be updated on different events, both natural and held by Moksa, you will be added to a group on Whatsapp, you are free to leave the group at any point of time. The groups are meant for community-based holistic growth and should not be used as a platform to make personal connections. Any conversation that is held outside of the group, even if between group members, is not under the purview of Moksa.

2.3 To interact with Moksa, for any service or business-related query please use: Contact Us. The phone lines are only open between 11:00 am – 8:00 pm, every day.

2.4 If there is no response on a particular day, you will be informed on the availability as soon as possible.


3.1 Misconduct and the definition is subject to the perception of Moksa. Any and all action against misconduct on groups or communication will be taken without any notice.

3.2  If there is any misconduct on the groups, that is, sending of inappropriate media, links, messages, etc. will result in immediate removal from the group and blocking from further communication with the Moksa Community.

3.3 By accepting the terms and conditions, you are agreeing not to defame, abuse, or in any other way harm the company, owners, employees or other customers. Any such action will result in banning from the services of Moksa.

3.4 To report abuse by another customer, please use the link : Contact Us

3.5 any form of abuse or misconduct held outside the purview of moksa, will not be handled by moksa or its employees, any action that can be taken will be taken within any groups or communities.


4.1 Moksa aims to please its customers with the highest quality of all products and services. All products are represented via select images, and no guarantee of exactness is provided.

4.2 Quality check is of product and packaging is ensured before any shipment is made. If there is any breakage during the shipment, Moksa is not liable.

4.3 Post shipment, the tracking number will be communicated to the customer via SMS and/or Email. Please use this to track the shipment. Loss during the shipping process is not liable to Moksa.

4.4 If the product is unsatisfactory to you, please send us an image of the issue along with a note regarding the same on info@moksa.in . Our customer care will handle this issue within five days.

4.5 Moksa does not accept returns and does not provide refunds for products that have been damaged or lost post-shipment.

4.6 Moksa does not provide exchanges on products that have been damaged or lost post-shipment.


5.1 Moksa aims to offer the products and services at a minimal cost to all customers. To ensure the reach of holistic healing to all customers. To ensure this, our pricing is adjusted to the bare minimum cost. Bargaining is not allowed or encouraged in Moksa.

5.2 Moksa aims to provide quality products along with instructions for maintenance, but due to the perishable nature of the products, no warranties or guarantees are made.

5.3 Moksa does not guarantee any free of allergen or reaction product. Please look into the ingredients and consult your doctor before ingestion.

5.4 Moksa does not recommend consumption or inhalation of stones in any dissolved, diffused, or powdered form. Please avoid using such products unless recommended by a licensed individual.


6.1 For the benefit of the customer, Moksa publishes articles on the website. These are original material unless otherwise specified and written under the banner of Moksa.

6.2 To publish your material, please contact us at info@moksa.in  

6.3 Any plagiarism noted in the articles submitted will result in the immediate removal of the article.

6.4 Unless otherwise indicated all material on the website including, goodwill, source code, meta tags, databases, text, content, graphics, icons, and hyperlinks.  is the intellectual property of Moksa and thus will not be reproduced or redistributed under any other banner.

6.5 In case the information needs to be forwarded or referenced, due credit to Moksa needs to be given. In case it is observed that this has not been maintained, the customer responsible will be held liable and will be banned from the website, product and services in the future.

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