Crystals for Abundance

Crystals for Prosperity and Abundance

To attract good luck, prosperity and abundance, place crystals, a stick of cinnamon, few cloves, bay leaves, 7 coins of any value with a clear quartz tower in the north corner of your house. You can also write your wishes and keep with this arrangement.

You can carry smaller tumbles of all these stones in a golden/red/green pouch with you too.

Stones that attract abundance and prosperity

  • – Yellow stones like Citrine, Golden quartz, Yellow Jasper, Sunstone and Pyrite (for opportunities and fast inflow)
  • – Orange/Red/Brown stones like Jasper,Carnelian (to speed up), Garnet or Hessonite (to remove obstacles)
  • – Green stones like Green Aventurine / Amazonite / Jade / Emerald to sustain the abundance or Prosperity

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