African Turquoise Bracelet 10mm round – 1pc

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African Turquoise 10mm bracelet

African Turquoise is actually not turquoise in the traditional sense. Rather, it’s a form of Jasper, mined in Africa, often treated to give it that rich blue-green colour.

Metaphysically, African Turquoise is an evolutionary stone, it brings a positive change & transformation to one’s life. It brings the desire to explore the unknown, opening the mind to endless possibilities. It helps you to let go of your past, negative habits, and disappointments. Allowing the carrier to embrace life with confidence, positivity and calmness. Carry it with you, and you will feel its reassurance as you explore new opportunities. Helps overcome short tempers, calming down destructive hyperactivity, and tension between spouses.

African Turquoise can be used as a love crystal to attract love to your life. Just set that intention with it and carry it with you at all times.

African Turquoise has the ability to reawaken your soul. Going into meditation with it will align your mind, body, and spirit allowing you to feel vibrant, and aware. Helps with supporting heart health, blood circulation, lungs, and surrounding muscles and skin. Therefore aiding in low cholesterol, heart attacks, thymus gland, the nervous system also affecting eye health.


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