Astrophyllite crystal bracelet (gives power to your potential) – 1pc – round – 8mm

2,000.00 including GST

✴️Golden to coppery bronze, Astrophyllite highlights your unlimited potential, heightens your perception and makes you sensitive to unspoken needs.
✴️It promotes out of body experiences, acting as a guide and protector in other realms. ✴️Meditating with it enables you to see your soul path.
✴️Hold and pay attention to synchronicity of daily life.
✴️It is associated with astrology and star wisdom, and it eases transition from one life stage to another.
✴️Holding against a candle or moonlight reveals light at the end of the tunnel and may help attract an unexpected new opportunity afterwards.
🔸️Reveals your destiny, and you’ll meet the right people who’ll lead you to your soul path/places where you need to be to fulfill the divine blueprint.
🔸️It enables you to attain an objective view of yourself.
🔸️Eliminates without guilt, what is outworn and helps you to see new doors.
🔸️Promotes intimacy and increases sensitivity of touch.
🔸️Releases you from the responsibility of making others happy.
🔸️Works very well with Moldavite to activate one’s highest purpose and with Tibetan tektite to stimulate the kundalini energies.
🔸️Helpful to healers, doctors, astrologers, and diviners to tune into the needs of the client.
🔸️Beneficial for epilepsy, reproductive system, fertility, PMS, hormones, nervous system, intestines, spine alignment, healthy cell regrowth, cholesterol and fatty deposits.
Chakra – All, esp. Crown
⚠️Do not bury in garden soil, or use salt water for cleansing.
⚠️Do not consume as direct elixirs.
👉Cleanse with sound, sage smoke, or reiki.
👉Energize under sunlight weekly and full moonlight.
⚠️Take off while bathing, swimming and exercising.
⚠️It’s important to understand that crystals are not magical, nor do they produce miracles.
⚠️Healing crystals are spiritual supports to healing & are not prescriptions or healthcare information.
👉Crystals are not to replace conventional medicine but to complement & enhance it.
👉This information is purely metaphysical and by no means medical.
👉By using this site & associated materials, you acknowledge & agree that you assume responsibility for your use or misuse of this information.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Bracelet Size

6.5inches, 7inches, 7.5inches, 8inches


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