Blood Stone Sphere – 1pc

1,2002,300 including GST

Dark green with red or orange spots and sometimes white markings, Bloodstone, as the name suggests, is an excellent blood cleanser and a powerful healer. An excellent grounding and protective stone, it keeps out undesirable influences. It is a calming stone, reduces irritability, aggression and impatience, heightens intuition and increases creativity. It gives courage and teaches how to avoid dangerous situations by strategic withdrawal and flexibility. Good healer for lower back pains, nose bleeds, blood disorders, menstrual problems and for women in labour to keep up their strength. Helps to strengthen motherly bonds where mother and kids were separated emotionally or physically. Keep, wear it carry with you if you’re being bullied.
Chakra – Heart, Root

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Weight 0.5 kg
Sphere Size

40-50mm, 55-60mm


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