Blue Scheelite crystal point – 1pc

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🩵Blue Scheelite aka Lapis Lace Onyx is a soothing stone that can help ground our thoughts and ideas.
🩵It helps us to stay grounded during high spiritual work and not get overwhelmed or lose our focus.
🩵It also aids us in speaking our truth from a place of vulnerability rather than from ego.
🩵It can help you understand your creative abilities.
🩵Blue Scheelite gives self-confidence, shakes off our doubts, fears, resentment, and tendency towards melodrama.
🩵It encourages us to forgive and to be charitable.
🩵It teaches compassion and encourages us to show our appreciation.
🩵It’s a powerful spiritual tool for dedicated practitioners used for astral travel, spiritual awakening, deepening of consciousness, and psychic development, and it guides us away from arrogant and ego-driven thinking.
🩵Blue Scheelite brings humility, honour, and humanity back to one’s life and invites us to engage in deep thought and be willing to honestly consider new ideas.
🩵It encourages us to be thoughtful and ethical in all the ways we interact with the world around us.
🩵It’s a wonderful manifestation tool, especially when we need to dream new dreams or do the impossible.
🩵Assists in activating the throat chakra. Our voice is strong when centered and projected in the right direction.
🩵Allows one to communicate their thoughts and feelings better.
🩵Blue Scheelite can help to make you stronger from within. The stone helps you to understand yourself, delve deeper into your inner self, and find the things that are troubling you. It helps to trust yourself before trusting others and respecting yourself before respecting others.
🩵Blue Scheelite helps us see the bigger picture of life with non-judgement and inspiration and helps us connect to a nurturing community. It is an excellent stone for building community & togetherness with others.
🩵Also detoxifies the energy system by repelling bacteria, toxins & other harmful microbes.
Chakra- throat, third eye
⚠️Blue Scheelite is not actually Scheelite but rather Calcite and Dolomite. When the owner of the mine found the vein, he incorrectly identified it as a Scheelite-based stone due to its UV fluorescence. Found in Turkey.

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