Bumblebee Jasper tumbled – 1pc

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🔸️Swirls of yellow, bright orange, black, and gray, born in the fumerols of an Indonesian volcano but also found in Australia, startingly coloured Bumblebee Jasper is an excellent healer for sacral chakra discomforts.
🔸️Encourages total honesty with yourself, the stone represents triumph over the impossible.
🔸️Encourages new businesses or projects
🔸️Supremely nurturing like all Jaspers.
🔸️Great stone for menopausal women
🔸️For men, who feel redundant, it stimulates a new start
🔸️Profoundly strengthening and a great support during change
🔸️Enhances clarity of thought
🔸️Helps you to plan ahead and yet flexible enough to go with the flow.
🔸️Dissolves jealousy, hatred, resentment and fills your heart with joy and love.
🔸️Frees blocked energy from the body.
🔸️Stimulates mental activity.
🔸️Relieves symptoms of allergies.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

⚠️ Do not wash or immerse in water or salt water.
👉Do not consume elixirs
👉Cleanse with sound, sage smoke or reiki
⚠️Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the stone.
Image is of the actual specimen
Weight – approx 20-25g
Dimensions – 1-1.5″
DM for price

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👉Crystals are not to replace conventional medicine but to complement & enhance it.
👉This information is purely metaphysical in nature & is by no means medical.
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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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