Green Aventurine Buddha – Exquisite carving

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Buddha in Green Aventurine

Buddha brings serenity and peace in the house. Symbolizes wisdom and enlightenment!

Microcrystalline quartz with mica that gives Aventurine a metallic iridescent glint.
💚Green Aventurine is the luckiest of all stones and is often used to attract good fortune and money. Keep tumbles or wear to attract good luck.
💚Used to grid houses against geopathic stress. Tape tumbled stone to your phone to protect you from electromagnetic radiation.
💚It enforces leadership qualities and decisiveness.
💚Encourages perseverance.

💚May benefit heart, fertility, genito-urniary problems eyesight, stammering, skin allergies, lungs, sinuses, headaches, migraines.

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Weight – 1.32kg
Dimensions – 6″x4″x2″

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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 20 cm


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