Iron pyrite/Golden Pyrite/Cubic pyrite/Fool’s Gold cluster

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🔆Iron pyrite/Golden Pyrite/Cubic pyrite/Fool’s Gold is a stone of abundance and wealth!
🔅Attracts better opportunities, promotions, and prosperity.
🔆It relieves anxiety and promotes positive thinking, raises self-esteem, confidence, positive attitude and encourages you to move forward instead of brooding in the past.
🔆It stimulates creativity and flow of ideas and is helpful when planning large business ideas.
🔅It is an excellent energy shield and blocks out all negativity, deflects harm and danger.
🔅Helpful for those who feel inferior and unseen.
🔅Helps you get recognition for the work you’re doing.
🔅Physically, it helps heal bones and stimulates cellular formation.
🔅Strengthens digestive tract, neutralizes ingested toxins. Benefits circulatory and respiratory system.

🔅A cluster has hundreds of crystals growing in all directions, thus emitting energy in all directions.

🔅🔅Tip: Place in office/workplace/ work station to energize that area to attract wealth, abundance, flow of ideas, and big business concepts

Chakra – Brow, Sacral

⚠️Iron pyrite is toxic. Do not ingest.
⚠️Please wash your hands after holding it.
⚠️Do NOT make elixirs for consumption.
⚠️Do not wash or immerse in soil or salt water or water.
⚠️Cleanse the crystal with sage smoke or sound.
⚠️Energize in sunlight weekly.

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Weight – 2.9kg
Dimensions -5″×5″×3″

⚠️Note that healing crystals are spiritual supports to healing & are not prescriptions or healthcare information.
👉Crystals are not to replace conventional medicine but to complement & enhance it.
👉This information is purely metaphysical in nature & and by no means medical.
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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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