Lapis Lazuli Tumbled stones

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Lapis Lazuli works well on the throat area and also for migraines

50 gms

Lapis Lazuli Tumbled
Rich and dense, royal blue to purple-blue with golden pyrite veins/flecks, Lapis Lazuli has been mined in Afghanistan for 6,000 years.
It’s a stone of truth, confidence, self awareness and encouragement. Wear it for better communication skills and emotional expression.
Wear or carry it for auditions, interviews. Great stone for teachers, singers, actors, sales and marketing personnel or anyone who’s in public speaking and needs that extra confidence and clear speech. Lapis Lazuli opens the Third Eye Chakra stimulating enlightenment, psychic abilities and also balances the Throat Chakra.
It alleviates migraines, insomnia and overcomes depression.
It’s also a protective stone and can recognize, reverse and return the psychic attack to its source.
Chakra – Throat and Third Eye
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