Libyan Golden tektite crystal bracelet – 1pc

16,060.0018,890.00 including GST

🔸️Valued by ancient Egyptians for bringing sun god to earth, it’s believed that when a meteorite hit the Sahara desert in Libya and Egypt, the catapulted molten rock and sand created glassy Libyan gold tektite.
🔸️Arising from such phenomenal force, it carries the powerful sun energy & abundant life force & is an excellent protective amulet for any journey-physical or metaphysical.
🔸️It assists in creating new life, manifesting your will on earth.
🔸️It cuts away all that is outworn and outgrown
🔸️Useful for etheric surgery…freeing you from the past and reconnecting to your spiritual roots.
🔸️It’s a good connector between higher cosmic forces and the planet, grounding and transmuting this energy into land and body and opening spiritual vision.
🔸️Effective for those who do not feel fully connected to the earth.
🔸️Like other tektites, this stone works intensely, so be prepared before use.
🔸️Using Tibetan tektite along with Libyan gold tektite speeds the process of manifestation of one’s goals
🔸️Combining it with Moldavite is ideal for the achievement of self-transformation to one’s highest calling.
🔸️Using all three can facilitate the most rapid transformation possible under the guidance of one’s higher will!
🔸️Combine with yellow stones like yellow sapphire or citrine for wealth
🔸️Can be used for a shy person to help them come out of their shell, overcome fears or feeling of inadequacy.
🔸️Brings happiness, joy, willingness and playfulness in life, so excellent for those who take life too seriously.
🔸️Restores depleted life energy, good for kidneys, digestion, metabolism, endocrine system, bladder and gall bladder and averting traveller’s diarrhoea.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
bracelet size

7inches, 7.5inches, 8inches

Carat weight

80.30ct, 82.50ct, 83.70ct, 83.80ct, 84.40ct, 84.70ct, 85.85ct, 86.40ct, 87.30ct, 88.05ct, 90.75ct, 91.35ct, 92.30ct, 92.45ct, 93.45ct, 94.45ct, 117.75ct


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