Moldavite rough piece – 1pc

19,800.0040,100.00 including GST

Each one is an unique piece, since it is natural

💚Rare and becoming rarer, green, glassy, Moldavite possesses the fusion of earthly and spiritual energies that enable the wearer to experience wonders of the universe and also for their spiritual development and earthly progress.
💚Hold it up to the light, and just gazing into it shifts your consciousness.
💚It’s a talisman of spiritual awakening, transformation, and soul evolution.
💚Its effects vary from mild to overwhelming to spiritual breakthroughs, yet the common thing seems to be the revitalization and acceleration of one’s personal evolution.
💚Powerful aid for meditation and dream work. Taping a Moldavite on the forehead can help.
💚Increases sensitivity to guidance from higher realms.
💚It can activate any and all chakras. Its vibrations tend to focus where one has blockages or wounds.
💚Rather than healing individual conditions, it makes one aware of the source of the discomfort and supports the releasing and healing process.
💚It also brings the gift contained within the illness to your attention.
💚Chakras will open, synchronicity can increase, dreams can be more vivid and meaningful, one can connect with spirit guides, and physical, emotional, or spiritual healing can happen, jobs and relationships can change. All these can be viewed as symptoms of a shift in one’s own energies.
💚Moldavite also has the ability to enhance the effects of other crystals.
💚Amulet for good fortune and fertility.
💚People who dislike its green colour often have hidden emotional trauma that needs healing.
💚Placed on the heart chakra, it eases homesickness for those who think their origin is not earth.
💚Psychologically, it assists in developing detachment from mundane earthly issues.
💚Moldavite is unconventional and inspiring, bringing unexpected solutions forward.
💚Releases archaic belief systems.
💚Helps download information from akashic records and the light body(which has to be processed and made conscious). Slow process but accelerates spiritual growth.
💚Works well with all types of Quartz, Sugilite, Charoite, and Tibetan Tektite.
⚠️Hold Boji stones for grounding of you feel rootless or spaced out after holding a Moldavite.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

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