Moss agate crystal bracelet – rectangular – 1pc

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💚A stone of wealth, Moss Agate attracts abundance.
💚Clear or milky quartz with moss like inclusions.
💚It helps intellectual people access their intuition and assists intuitive people in channeling their energy in a practical way.
💚A crystal of new beginnings, it encourages trying more, inspiring new ideas after a period of stagnation.
💚Improves self-esteem and strengthens positive personality traits.
💚It releases fear and deep-seated stress. Encourages optimism, trust, and hope.
💚It helps to develop strength and the ability to get along with others and encourages expanding one’s personal growth.
💚Promotes self-expression and communication.
💚Helpful for some suffering from depression.
💚Speeds up recovery. It can be used to counteract long-term illness. It’s anti-inflammatory, relieves viral illnesses, and boosts the immune system.
💚Great healing crystal for skin. Wash skin with gem elixir.
💚Great stone for gardening.
💚Brings new friendships with like-minded people and attracts new love or regrowth of former love that has been turbulent.
💚💚Twin moss agates kept in a small green pouch with dried rosemary near the bed will encourage faithful love.
⚠️Do not immerse in soil, water, or salt water.
⚠️Do not consume as elixirs.
👉Cleanse with sound, sage smoke, or reiki
👉Energize under sunlight or daylight and full moonlight
⚠️ Note that healing crystals are spiritual supports to healing & are not prescriptions or healthcare information.
👉Crystals are not to replace conventional medicine but to complement & enhance it.
👉This information is purely metaphysical in nature & is by no means medical.
👉By using this site & associated materials, you acknowledge & agree that you personally assume responsibility for your use or misuse of this information.
Image is of the actual product
Bead size – 12x10mm, rectangle

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 8 cm


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