Pietersite Bracelet – 10mm round – 1pc

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Becoming rare, Pietersite is known as the tempest stone.
🔸️Believed to carry the power of the storm within and is said to hold “the keys to the kingdom of heaven”.
🔸️It links everyday consciousness to the spiritual, reminding you that you’re a spiritual being on a human journey.
🔸️Centering in the spiritual being, it has the ability to ground you to the etheric body.
🔸️It’s a stone of vision.
🔸️It stimulates the third eye and the pineal gland, accessing the intuition and promoting profound spiritual visions and precognition.
🔸️Boosts confidence and self esteem esp. of creative people who lack confidence in their abilities.
🔸️It removes beliefs and conditioning imposed by other people and links you to the source of your own inner guidance.
🔸️Tumbles kept in a bowl at home can bring order out of chaos.
🔸️At workplace will protect from interruptions and nonsense from others.
🔸️It can release you from vows and promises made in other lives that may have carried over into present life.
🔸️Protective and calming stone when driving in bad weater conditions or people scared of thunderstorms.
🔸️Acts as a shield against emf
🔸️For those who have tried and failed many times to beat an addiction, by strengthening the willpower to stick to your plan.
🔸️It balances endocrine system, stimulates metabolism, helps eyes, lungs, liver, intestines, feet and legs and promotes absorption of nutrients from food.
Chakra – third eye, solar plexus
Dimensions – 10mm,round
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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Bracelet Size

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2 reviews for Pietersite Bracelet – 10mm round – 1pc

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing energy and quality.

    • admin

      thanks a lot

  2. Nehha (verified owner)

    Beautiful and just what i needed. I asked a few questions that were answered. Ordered it and 5 days later it was here.

    • admin

      Thanks a lot

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