Prophecy Stone Specimen -Sorcerer stone – Grounding, Visions – 1pc

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✴️A wise, powerful stone for grounding light energy in the physical body comes from the White Desert in Egypt.
✴️As its name implies, Prophecy Stones help those who seek guidance from higher realms regarding the future. It can catalyze visions of a probable future.
✴️When one meditates with it, a great of energy comes through the crown chakra, filling the body, all the way down to the soles of the feet, even deeper, stimulating the earthstar chakra, anchoring and completing the energy circuit while stimulating the third eye and crown to facilitate communication with other realms.
✴️Prophecy stone sharpens your memory and assists you in thinking more clearly.
✴️It serves as a mental cleanser, calming any erratic emotions to create a pathway for level decision making and rational thought.
✴️They are excellent at helping one also receive guidance about mundane, boring matters, and practical choices that must be made.
✴️Excellent tool for releasing cellular toxins and is believed to help support the body through radiation therapies to help slow the spread of cancerous cells.
⚠️These crystals are a pseudomorph, Limonite / Hematite after Marcasite / Pyrite.
⚠️Do not immerse in soil, water or salt water.
⚠️Do not consume as elixirs.
👉Cleanse with sound, sage smoke, or reiki
👉Energize under daylight and full moon light

⚠️ Note that healing crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.
👉Crystals are not to replace conventional medicine but to complement and enhance it.
👉This information is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.
👉By using this site and associated materials, you acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for your use or misuse of this information.

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