Protection grid in black tourmaline 4 inches

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Protection Grid in Tourmaline

Your work place and your house should feel safe and secure. If you experience negative energy, jealousy, office politics or psychic attacks around you at work or if you feel drained in some people’s presence, or if you’re an empath and easily absorb other people’s energies, keep this tourmaline grid as your spiritual defense on your office desk to repel any kind of negative energy coming your way.

To activate the grid :

1) Cleanse and energize it
2) Hold it
3) Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths
4) Raise the crystal to your third eye chakra
5) Focus on your desired result and manifest your intention, eg. “I program this crystal grid to protect me from harm”
6) Place your crystal grid on your desk.

You can do the same for your house too. (If you multiple floors, keep one on the ground level entrance or you can keep one at every floor)

This grid has a Tourmaline cone in the center with seven Tourmaline points, pointing out… each point for 7 main chakras.

Dimensions 4″

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