Seraphinite Crystal Bracelet – AAA quality – 1pc

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💚Found only in lake Baikal, Siberia, deep green with shimmering silver patterns, Seraphinite derives it’s name from Seraphin, the highest order of angels.
💚One of the most powerful crystals for bringing all the elements of the non-physical bodies into alignment.
💚It is both centering and energizing at the same time.
💚Can be used on any chakra where enhanced and harmonized energies are required.
💚Moves blocked energies in the meridians.
💚Keeping or carrying a Serpahinite imbues the auric field with the vibration of wholeness and well being.
Seraphinite is very evolved and will bring the user along very rapidly in their evolution.
💚Helps old patterns of disease, emotions or imbalance to fall away, allowing new patterns to be created.
💚Brings enlightening, joyful energies for physical healing
💚It’s energies are feminine in tone and can help one experience a greater awareness of the divine feminine.
💚Meditating with it, one may encounter a female figure clothed in growing plants and flowers, Sophia, goddess of wisdom and the promise of future. It may provoke an instant reaction of devotional love and how her presence is the greatest blessing.
💚Ideal for those who feel disconnected from their physical selves, brings light and healing to the body, expressing through glowing health.
💚Powerful stone for angelic and devic communication, assisting one in bringing back healing to the body, mind and spirit.
💚Works well in combination with other high vibration crystals like tektites, danburite, Herkimer diamiond, scolecite, sugilite
💚Great stone for cellular regeneration
💚Supports heart, lungs.
💚Along with Suglite, helps to regulate growth of cancerous cells.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Bracelet Size

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Bead Size

9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm


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