Sodalite bracelet 10mm round – 1pc

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Indigo,sometimes purplish with white-grey streaks
💙Sodalite is associated with the balance between mind and the emotions. It unites intuition and opens spiritual perception, bringing information from the higher mind down to the physical level.
💙Clears emf, helpful for people who are sensitive to “sick building syndrome”.
💙Excellent crystal for the mind, it eliminates mental confusion and intellectual bondage.
💙Encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuitive perception with verbalisation of feelings.
💙It calms the mind and allows new information to be received. Releases old rigid mind sets, creating space for new insights on practice.
💙Calms panic attacks, releases phobias, fears, guilt. It enhances self esteem, self acceptance and self trust.
💙Balances metabolism, overcomes calcium deficiencies and cleanses the lympathic system, boosting immunity.
💙Combats insomnia, treats throat, cools fevers, lowers bp, relieves symptoms of menopause.
💙Make a grid of sodalite around a picture of an elderly relative to maintain their health, mobility and mental faculties.
💙Carry a sodalite if you have fear of flying. Also counteracts jet lag.
💙Calms hyperactive children.
⚠ Note that healing crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.
👉Crystals are not to replace conventional medicine but to complement and enhance it.
👉This information is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.
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