Terahertz crystal bracelet – Round – 1pc

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🩶Terahertz, aka the “ray of life,” was first synthesized by Japanese scientists by extracting quartz or silica from grains of sand to protect humans from harmful electromagnetic radiation.
🩶Terahertz radiates strong energy vibrations that calm overthinking, fatigue & and stress, which increases your overall energy & brainpower.
🩶Enhances your creativity & imagination skills.
🩶Brings fortune and good luck. It enhances self-confidence. It can awaken the hidden capabilities.
🩶The frequencies emitted by Terahertz are known to positively affect weakened cells, enzymes, and genetic material to improve immunity and natural healing power.
🩶Provides you with negative ions that protect your body against electromagnetic pollution and harmful radiation.
🩶Its vibration is associated with warmth and is said to prevent and aid in recovery from hypothermia.
🩶Supplements your relationship with positivity and strengthens your bond with your loved one.
🩶Aids in calm & peaceful sleep. 🩶Terahertz slows down the process of aging and provides healthy, clear, and youthful skin. It helps retain moisture & shine to hair & skin.
🩶Beneficial for the circulatory system, improves circulation and eliminates blood clots.
🩶Terahertz brings balance to the root chakra and stimulates the top chakras as well. This brings strength, stamina, and the power to achieve whatever you desire.
🩶Also said to activate the 8th and 9th spiritual chakras. These chakras connect you to the higher dimensional planes and guide you with truth, compassion, and joy on your spiritual journey.
🩶Relieves intense migraines, headaches, or muscle spasms.
🩶Wearing this stone on the left side of your body enables you to welcome all the high vital energy of this stone in the most effective way and embody its calming and clarifying healing powers.
🩶The left side of the body is recognized as the receiving side. The vibrations emitted by this healing stone interact with this specific side to help you make positive internal shifts & welcome its revitalizing frequencies.

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Bead -10mm, 8mm

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Bead Size

8mm, 10mm

Bracelet Size

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