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Blue Sapphire bracelet with Silver hook and chain – 1pc

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💙Pale to midnight blue, Blue Sapphire is a seeker of spiritual truth, traditionally associated with love, fidelity and purity.
🩵Helps one to stay on the spiritual path and transmute negative energies.
💙Focuses and calms the mind and releases unwanted thoughts and mental tension.
🩵Brings peace of mind and serenity.
💙Brings prosperity and attracts gifts of all kinds.
🩵Releases frustration and facilitates self-expression.
💙Helps during times of change to maintain a clear vision of where it is you want to go and how.
🩵A symbol of integrity and a good counterbalance to cynicism(be it at home or work)
💙Effective for speedy and positive resolution of all legal matters and all issues concerning justice.
🩵Wear or carry if signing a new contract.
💙Blue Sapphire is considered effective for channelling healing powers from angelic realm.
🩵Physically, it helps thyroid, nervous system, blood disorders, dementia, degenerative diseases, ear infections, eyes, fever, swollen glands, speech and communication.

Chakra – Throat

⚠️Do not bury in garden soil, or use salt water for cleansing.
⚠️Do not consume as direct elixirs.
👉Cleanse with sound, sage smoke, or reiki.
👉Energize under sunlight weekly and full moonlight.
⚠️Soil with a high acid level/ fertilizers can affect your crystals and how they look.
⚠️Avoid wearing bracelets or crystal jewelery in the shower/swimming pool or when you’re doing your daily workout as well. Sweat contains trace levels of salt, & skin can also produce ammonia and can cause your crystals to corrode.
⚠️It’s important to understand that crystals are not magical, nor do they produce miracles.
⚠️Healing crystals are spiritual supports to healing & are not prescriptions or healthcare information.
👉Crystals are not to replace conventional medicine but to complement & enhance it.
👉This information is purely metaphysical and by no means medical.
👉By using this site & associated materials, you acknowledge & agree that you assume responsibility for your use or misuse of this information.

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