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Multi colour Spinel crystal bracelet with Silver hook – 1pc

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🩷Sparkling Spinel is a beautiful crystal connected with energy renewal, encouragement in difficult circumstances, and rejuvenation.
🩷It opens the chakras and facilitates the movement of kundalini energy up the spine.
🩷Spinel enhances positive aspects of the personality.
🩷It aids in achieving and accepting success with humility.
🩷Different colours of Spinel relate to the whole chakra spectrum.
🤍Clear Spinel – stimulates mysticism and higher communication. Facilitates visions and enlightenment. Links the chakras on the physical body with the crown chakra of the etheric body.
💜Violet Spinel – stimulates spiritual development and astral travel. Opens and aligns the crown chakra.
💙Blue Spinel – Stimulates communication and chanelling. Restores joy reawakens new enthusiasm and focus and aligns the throat chakra.
💚Green Spinel – Stimulates love, compassion, and kindness. Opens and aligns the heart chakra.
💛Yellow Spinel – stimulates intellect, personal power, and determination. Brings back joy, optimism in life. Natural anti-depressant. Rekindles the desire to learn and know and explore new experiences. Excellent anti-spite crystal against family jealousy or old rivalries.Opens and aligns the solar plexus.
🧡Orange Spinel – stimulates creativity, balances emotions, and treats infertility. Opens and aligns the sacral chakra.
❤️Red Spinel – often mistaken for Ruby, it stimulates physical vitality, energy, and strength. Helps to become independent and self-reliant. Arouses the kundalini and opens the base chakra.
🤎Brown Spinel cleanses the aura and opens connections to the physical body. Opens the earth chakra and grounds you.
🖤Black Spinel offers insight into material problems and gives you the stamina to continue. Its protective earth energy balances the rise of kundalini.

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