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Tibetan Turquoise Rectangular pendant in Pure 925 Silver

3,000.00 including GST

Natural Tibetan Turquoise with 925 Silver

Pendant Dimensions -1.5″x0.75″
Tibetan Turquoise -1″x0.75″

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Elegant and simple silver pendant studded with natural cabochon of bluish green Tibetan Turquoise with natural brown spiderweb/veins matrix and organic markings.

In Tibet, Turquoise is associated with the creator and Star goddess Tara, who is often depicted with a bluish green complexion. It’s a good luck stone, excellent to bring fame esp. in the field of music, theatre and teaching. Turquoise is a promise of fidelity and protection to a lover or a partner and is believed?to change it’s colour to warn of danger of infidelity.

Pendant Dimensions -? 1.5″x0.75″
Tibetan Turquoise -? 1″x 0.75″

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